Heavy Thermic Lance

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General Information

Heavy Thermic Lance
(h x w)
3 x 2 Heavythermic.gif
Weight 15
D. Threshold 20
Sale Price $2,000
Damage 150 Drill
Action TU Cost Accuracy
Attack 20% 160%
Cost $20,000
Technician Hours 300
Workspace 3
Materials 2 Zrbite

As is common practice with practically all weapons of alien design, to get more power out of something the most common solution is to just make it bigger. As a result, the Heavy Thermic Lance is the heaviest, largest and slowest drill weapon to date. On the bright side, it has the potential to produce enough power to put even the Sonic Cannon to shame.

The Heavy Thermic Lance becomes available for research after completing research on the Thermic Lance.

The tradition of the first two drills continues with the aliens not having a clue how to use these devices as weapons. Again the drills will not activate when pointed at an inanimate object like a wall.

The drill-based weapons were introduced in Terror from the Deep. They are the only forms of equipment to have no direct equivalents in the previous game, UFO: Enemy Unknown.

Vital Statistics


Heavy Thermic Lance

  • Damage: 150 Drill
    • Attack Cost: 20%
    • Base Accuracy: 160%
  • Weight: 15
  • Selling Cost: $2,000
  • Build Cost: $20,000 plus:
    • Technician Hrs: 300
    • Workshop Space: 3
    • Zrbite: 2

Usage notes

  • The inhuman power available to the wielder of a Heavy Thermic Lance is offset by the rather cumbersome weight of the device. At 15 weight units, it weighs as much as a Torpedo Launcher loaded with a Small Torpedo and just a bit less than a loaded Disruptor Pulse Launcher. As such, the Heavy Thermic Lance should only be distributed to strong soldiers who can handle it.

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