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ADVENT's forces have been greatly expanded in Long War 2 to include a wide variety of troopers. Some of these new varieties, such as the ADVENT Engineer or ADVENT Gunner, will appear from the start of the campaign. They also have a wider array of abilities at their disposal, thanks to the new Dark Events.

Similarly, alien species have been expanded with elite versions and specialised variants of the base species, such as Muton Centurions and sharpshooting Naja Vipers.

ADVENT Conventional Forces

ADVENT's organic foot soldiers are the most common fielded units. While they might seem weak compared to other types of units, as the campaign goes on more specialized ADVENT units will appear. All of these are vulnerable to Skullmining.

ADVENT Regular Units

Multiples of these units can appear in a single pod.

ADVENT Specialist Units

Only one of these units can appear in a single pod. The ADVENT General will only appear in Regional ADVENT HQ Assault missions.

ADVENT Mechanized Forces

ADVENT will also field robotic units along with their other units. These all have some matter of armor and none are capable of taking cover. They are all vulnerable to Bluescreen, Redscreen, EMP Grenades and hacking.

ADVENT Alien Forces

Some alien species will join the fight against XCOM. Long War 2 adds additional varieties and higher ranked aliens. Their capabilities and vulnerabilities are unique.