ADVENT Grenadier (LW2)

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Force Level
Pod Max
Advent engineer.png
Armor 0 - 1 Health 4 - 15
Mobility 12 Detection Radius 12
Aim 65 - 75 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 0 - 10 Defense 0 - 10
Dodge 0 Will 40 - 90
Hack Defense 125 - 175

The ADVENT Grenadier bring indirect fire support to ADVENT squads. They are initially called ADVENT Engineers and are equipped with only flashbangs for their grenade launcher, but will upgrade to explosive, incendiary and acid grenades as the campaign progresses.

ADVENT Grenadier Abilities
Ability Rank Required
Flashbang Grenade
Flashbang Grenade
The Flashbang Grenade disrupts and disorients enemies in a very large radius, inflicting significant offensive penalties.
Engineer (Mk1)
UIPerk fraggrenade.png
Frag Grenade
Launch a fragmentation grenade.
UIPerk grenade firebomb.png
Incendiary Grenade
Launch an incendiary grenade.
Grenadier (Mk2)
UIPerk grenade acidbomb.png
Acid Grenade
Launch an acid grenade.
ADVENT Grenadier Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Center Mass
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
All ranks 15%