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Name Superheavy MEC Rank 3
Force Level
Pod Max
ADVENT Superheavy MEC (LW2).jpg
Armor 3/4/4/4 Health 18/20/22/24
Mobility 12 Detection Radius 15
Aim 80/85/90/90 Armor Piercing 1
Crit Chance 0/10/10/10 Defense 20
Dodge 0 Will 50
Hack Defense 120
Name Heavy MEC Rank 2
Force Level
Pod Max
ADVENT Heavy MEC.jpg
Armor 2/3/3/3 Health 12/13/14/16
Mobility 12/15/15/15 Detection Radius 12
Aim 75 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 0/10/10/10 Defense 10/10/10/15
Dodge 0 Will 50
Hack Defense 80/85/85/85
Name ADVENT MEC Rank 1
Force Level
Pod Max
ADVENT mec.jpg
Armor 1/2/2/2 Health 7/8/8/9
Mobility 12/14/14/14 Detection Radius 12
Aim 70/75/75/75 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 0/10/10/10 Defense 0
Dodge 0 Will 50
Hack Defense 50/70/70/70

ADVENT MECs are AI operated mechanized combat units. Like most robotic units, they have above average amounts of armor, ignore fire and poison, cannot utilize cover, and are vulnerable to anti-mech weapons and protocols.

ADVENT will deploy both Heavy MECs and Superheavy MECs as threats increase as well as specialized MEC Archers.

ADVENT MEC Abilities
Ability Rank Required
Mechanical Chassis
This unit is immune to fire and poison damage.
MEC (Mk1)
UIPerk salvo.png
Micro Missiles
Long range missile barrage that deals damage.
MEC (Mk1)
Fire a barrage that pins down a target, grants reaction fire against it if it moves, restricts the use of many abilities, and imposes a -25 penalty to the target's aim.
MEC (Mk1)
  • MECs will often go on overwatch instead of scampering when their pod activates.
  • Micro Missiles do not deal enough environmental damage to destroy basically any cover, and do not destroy corpses and loot.
ADVENT MEC Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
Damage Control
All ranks 20%
Iron Skin
Iron Skin
All ranks 100%