ADVENT Officer (XCOM 2)

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The ADVENT Officer can be seen leading units of ADVENT Troopers.


XCOM2 ADVENT Captain (1).jpg
1st Appearance Operation Gatecrasher
HP 6/6/7/7
Aim 65/75/75/75
Defense 0/0/0/0
Will 50/60/60/60
Movement 12/12/12/12

ADVENT Officers are more durable than regular ADVENT Troopers, and they cannot be killed by a single assault rifle burst. Their Magnetic Rifle deals 3-4 damage, and they have a grenade to deal 2-3 damage shredding 1 armor.

Officers have the ability to Mark a target, making it easier to hit and encouraging all ADVENT units to focus fire on the target. This doesn't end their turn, so they can also fire at said target.

ADVENT General

A variant of the ADVENT Officer, the General is introduced in War of the Chosen and serves as an objective for the "Kill Field Commander" mission. The General's aim is somewhat worse than the standard Officer, but it has more health and carries a smoke grenade for added defense. He will try to flee for the extraction point when found, forcing a mission failure if he succeeds.

Story relevance

ADVENT Officers are mostly notable as the first target you're required to Skulljack to progress the storyline. Note that skulljacking the Officer will cause a powerful enemy, the Codex, to spawn, so don't do it while in the middle of a firefight. Skullmining an officer after the initial Skulljack, however, will not spawn another Codex.

Their autopsy is required to advance the plot, and reveals that the Officer have an implant similar to the Commander's. It is linked to the alien Psionic Network, and sends the Commander's tactical data to the Officers, who then order the Troopers around. However, due to the Commander's rescue and removal from the Psionic Network, the data has decayed, causing the Officers to make occasionally make silly tactical errors.

The Proving Grounds are unlocked from this autopsy, and the new objective is to build the Skulljack and to Skulljack an Officer, as detailed above.