ADVENT Shieldbearer (XCOM2)

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The ADVENT Shieldbearer is a variation on the ADVENT Trooper with a more defensive focus. They are extremely durable, with 6-9 health and 1-3 armor, depending on difficulty.

Their main ability is the Energy Shield. Once deployed via an impressive display of energy and strength, the Shieldbearer will project a shield around themself and their allies, which, with only 3 HP, serves as a buffer against damage. However, it's enough to make Standoff a waste of time, and could save an alien's life.

Shieldbearers should always be priority targets, perhaps even above Stun Lancers, since the Shield can be a game-changer with many aliens in play. Killing the Shieldbearer will destroy the shields they're generating on any nearby units as well. Their low Will can make them a decent Domination target, and any Bluescreen Protocol attacks with instantly break the Shield.

Shieldbearers evolve over the course of the game into Elite Shieldbearers. This grants them improved stats and a stronger Energy Shield.