ADVENT Trooper (XCOM2)

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ADVENT Trooper

ADVENT Troopers are the most common ADVENT soldiers deployed within XCOM 2, first appearing at the beginning of the game and continuing to appear throughout the entire campaign as the basic first-response unit of ADVENT.

Supposedly once human volunteers, ADVENT Troopers are revealed to be hybridized with alien DNA, giving them undeniably inhuman facial features and orange blood; with their faces concealed by carefully-designed helmets, they pass for human among the city population. Equipped with gray-black armor and a high-powered magnetic rifle, ADVENT Troopers are a common sight inside and outside ADVENT-controlled areas.


1st Appearance Operation Gatecrasher
HP 3/3/4/4
Aim 65/65/65/65
Defense 0/0/0/0
Will 50/50/50/50
Movement 12/12/12/12
ADVENT Trooper Armaments
Weapon Base Damage Critical Damage/Shred Critical Chance
ADVENT Magnetic Rifle 3-4 5 10
ADVENT Magnetic Rifle (Advanced) 5 7 10
ADVENT Magnetic Rifle (Elite) 5-6 7-8 10
ADVENT Frag (Advanced) 2-3 Shred 1 NA
ADVENT Frag (Elite) 3-4 Shred 1 NA


  • ADVENT Troopers have no unique abilities, but they appear in large groups, and always with more ADVENT soldiers.
ADVENT Trooper Stats
Class Aim Health Mobility Will Defense
ADVENT Trooper 65/65/65/65 3/3/4/4 12/12/12/12 50/50/50/50 NA
Advanced Trooper 65/70/70/70 6/7/8/9 12/12/12/12 50/60/60/60 NA
Elite Trooper 70/75/75/75 8/8/10/11 12/12/12/12 50/60/60/60 0/0/10/10


  • Advanced and Elite Troopers are equipped with Frag Grenades.
  • Advanced Troopers are encountered in early May (Late May on Legend).
  • Elite Troopers are encountered in early June (Late August on Legend).


ADVENT Troopers will perform basic tactical movements such as flanking, covering one another, and firing on targets of opportunity. Unlike other ADVENT specialists such as the ADVENT Captain or Shieldbearer, more than one Trooper can appear in a patrol. Later, Advanced and Elite Troopers will be equipped with grenades, using them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Tactical Analysis

ADVENT Troopers fulfill the role of the standard footsoldier for ADVENT, though with their unimpressive stats, they are easily taken out when alone; however, ADVENT Troopers will never be alone, often appearing with ADVENT Officers or MECS, and occasionally with aliens such as the Viper or Muton leading them.

As opposed to the Sectoids of the original invasion, ADVENT Troopers will receive upgrades as the campaign progresses; they will be upgraded to Advanced Troopers at first, then Elite Troopers, being granted more HP and more damaging weapons throughout.

ADVENT Troopers lack the special abilities of other enemy units. Though this may seem positive, ADVENT Troopers are most likely to fire upon a soldier, or use Overwatch to cover their line of sight. Other ADVENT specialists will use their turns to activate their ability; Troopers will use their turns to apply pressure and to act as a distraction.

Early ADVENT Troopers have an average Aim stat of 65, often missing XCOM soldiers in high cover and occasionally missing those in low cover, but when appearing with an ADVENT Officer, they gain +10 Aim towards a Marked soldier, and focus fire towards that soldier, often leading to an XCOM death.