Accuracy Formula (UFO2000)

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Accuracy in UFO2000 works in a very different way from the original UFO.

First you take your soldier accuracy stat, and adjust it for various factors:


<math>hp &=& acc \times \frac{ -}{\frac{}{2}}</math>
This roughly means that up to half of your firing accuracy will be lost depending on how wounded your soldier is. If he's lost half his health, he'll loose one quarter of his accuracy. If he loses all his health, he will lose half his firing accuracy (and be dead, too).


<math>mp &=& acc \times \frac{100 - current.morale}{\frac{100}{2}}</math>
This formula is analogous to the health one, so it works the same for health and for morale - a soldier with 0 morale will lose half his firing accuracy


If your soldier is flying, he'll incur a penalty of 1/5 his original firing accuracy. This can be quite a lot and can effectively result in a negative accuracy (in which case the program will reset it to zero).

Compute your total penalty: acc = acc - (hp + mp + flying). This is your effective accuracy

Example: Say you had 100 firing accuracy, half your health and morale 0. you lose 25 accuracy for health, and another 50 for morale, and if you're flying you lose another 20 accuracy, for a grand total of 95.

Two handed weapons

If you fire a two handed weapon without having your other hand free, you loose 1/3 of your effective accuracy.

So in our previous example, for instance, if the soldier was firing a two handed weapon and had another weapon is the other hand, his accuracy would be reduced from 5 to 3.

Kneeling (or sitting)

If you kneel (or sit, if you're a sectoid) you get a bonus of 1/10 of your effective accuracy.