Advanced Workshop (Apocalypse)

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Apoc advancedworkshop.png

Atomic replicators and conventional tools for replicating various materials and equipment.

A large workshop can accommodate ten technicians at one time.

Workshops can produce various items, but basic items like Megapol grenades and ammunition are by city regulations available only from official manufacturers.

You will need to research alien weapons before you can produce them or other alien technology in workshops.

Some projects are so large-scale or complex that they can only be undertaken at Advanced Workshops, such as vehicles and large weaponry.

As with the other X-COM titles, you can never have too many engineers building for profit, or adding advanced ships to your fleet. Build as many Advanced Workshops as soon as possible, and recruit every engineer you can find. Two Advanced Workshops will suffice for beating the game, though 3 to 5 are recommended for complete dominance. The maximum number of engineers that can be on the payroll among all your bases is 50.


While the small workshop is included in your starting base, the advanced lab must be unlocked via the research tree. In order to make the Advanced Workshop available, you must complete research for Dimension Probe.


Size (in base)2x2
Days to build9
Construction Cost$12,000
Weekly Cost$200
Score points?

Items that Require Advanced Workshop for Manufacture

Apoc dimension probe icon.png

Dimension Probe

Apoc biotrans icon.png


Apoc explorer icon.png


Apoc retaliator icon.png


Apoc annihilator icon.png


Apoc light disruptor beam.png

Light Disruptor Beam

Apoc medium disruptor beam.png

Medium Disruptor Beam

Apoc heavy disruptor beam.png

Heavy Disruptor Beam

Apoc disruptor bomb launcher.png

Disruptor Bomb Launcher

Apoc stasis bomb launcher.png

Stasis Bomb Launcher

Apoc disruptor multi bomb launcher.png

Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher

Small Disruption Shield

Large Disruption Shield

Cloaking Field


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