Agents (Chimera)

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Rather than the classes of XCOM and XCOM2, Chimera Squad features a set of individual agents, each with a distinct skill set, personality, and dialog. You can only take four agents on the APC to a mission. Loss of any agent results in a mission failure to save their life, but this is much less likely to happen than in previous games. When an agent is reduced to 0 HP they will always begin bleeding out, and can be stabilised by any agent. Stabilized agents will be unable to participate in further encounters should the mission feature them, but an android can be called in as a replacement (albeit one which has no unique abilities). Agents will automatically be extracted from a mission provided they are stabilised or the encounter is completed before they bleed out. However, badly injured agents may develop stat-lowering Scars that must be removed by sending them to Training.

You begin with the following four agents if you enable the tutorial:

Additional agents can be recruited during the campaign, up to a maximum of 8 agents per playthrough:

If the tutorial is off, any combination of agents can be selected as the initial four.