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This high powered slug slinger is a standard issue weapon for hoverbikes. It provides hoverbikes with a basic means of defence that, although not as good as the ground based anti-aircraft projectiles, should not be underestimated. It's a powerful weapon that is let down by the fact that it tends to goes through its ammunition magazine very quickly.
Bolter Laser Cannon 
The Bolter is a standard sized small laser weapon that makes an ideal no-ammo solution weapon for Hovercars and Hoverbikes. It combines mild firepower with an unlimited ammo supply, making it a very economic weapon.
Lancer Laser Cannon 
The Lancer laser cannon is a longer variant of the Bolter with upgraded firepower. It can only be bolted on to the long hardpoints found on Valkyries, Hawk Air Warriors and Explorers.
Rendor Plasma Cannon 
The Rendor Plasma Cannon is standard issue as the forward mount on Hawk Air Warriors. It is a powerful weapon utilising plasma technology, however it does not have the same self sufficient power cores that the original Plasma Beam cannons X-Com used in the past and requires elerium as ammunition.
Lineage Plasma Cannon 
The Lineage Plasma Cannon is the most powerful plasma-based air-to-air weapon on the market. It's much more expensive than the Rendor, but it is more efficient in ammunition consumption and provides a massive punch. This cannon is small enough to be mounted onto Hoverbikes and Hovercars.
Plasma Multi System 
The Plasma Multi system is a light weapons array that provides an almost complete circle firing arc, excellent for the heavier gunships that can't turn very fast. Apart from the lower damage, it's mainly let down by its tiny ammunition supply. The boxy shape of the array of turret restricts its usage for most of the smaller ships.
Laser Missile Defence Array 
The laser missile defence array is the standard anti-missile defence system. It provides a complete 360 degree firing arc, but is only able to fire in short ranged bursts. The Autopilot only operates the lasers on incoming missiles and does not use it to actively attack enemies. Manual controls can override this and allow the rapid firing laser to shred any enemy targets in close proximity. It's used best in combination with a missile jammer to give it more time to damage incoming missiles. It needs to be mounted in a weapon hardpoint.
Plasma Missile Defence Array 
The plasma variant of the missile defence system is identical, except that it's faster and provides more firepower, allowing it to shoot down incoming missiles a little faster.

Weapons Not Of This World

Small disruptor Beam 
The first of the three disruptor beams. It is fuelled by drawing power from the Dimension Gates, therefore it is has an unlimited firing capacity.
Medium disruptor Beam 
The Medium disruptor Beam is the bread and butter of the disruptor weapons. It can be mounted on all ships above the Hawk Air Warrior with sufficiently large gun mounts. It doubles the strength and firing range of the small disruptor.
Large disruptor Beam 
The large disruptor beam array is the largest of the disruptor beams, and only the Annihilator is capable of mounting it on its forward hardpoint. It provides double the strength and firing range of the Medium disruptor.
Disruptor Inversion Missile Launcher 
The disruptor Inversion missile launcher is a large alien missile bank that fires extremely powerful missiles. It completely replaces a large majority of the missiles that can be purchased on the market. The main disadvantage of this launcher is its slow building ammunition, and the size of the launcher itself.
Multibomb Launcher 
The Multibomb is a weapon designed specifically to attack multiple targets - such as hoverbikes. It's not as powerful as the inversion missiles, and cannot carry very many rounds, but is still lethal to hoverbikes.
Stasis Bomb Launcher 
Stasis missiles freeze any ships they strike against and disables the autopilot briefly. Manual override allows a frozen ships weapons to reactivate. Autopilots aren't designed to register if a target has been frozen by a stasis missile, and will keep firing the very limited missiles until the launcher is empty. Therefore, this weapon should be manually operated by enabling and disabling it as necessary.

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