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General Information

Apoc airtrans icon.png

Official Entry: "Heavy transportation is mainly undertaken by these heavy duty air transports. Manufactured goods are transported entirely by air, given the unreliability and dangers of road transport in the deregulated areas, or slums. The Airtrans is a computer controlled craft, but must be manned by law according to the inter-personal contact ordinances."

Cityscape Information

Fully automated, all manner of goods are hauled around by airborne transport vehicles to avoid the hazards of road travel through less lawful districts.

These vehicles will be used to ferry any equipment purchase/transfer made by X-COM to its intended base if Transtellar doesn't consider X-COM as hostile.


Statistics Value
EngineSD Sports
Engine Size4x4
Top Speed12
Equipment5 Cargo Module, 1 Bio-Transport Module
Equipment Size4x6
Score points30

  • This vehicle cannot be normally purchased by X-COM.

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