Alien Containment (Apocalypse)

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Facilities for creating various atmospheres and pressure, as well as sedating and handling aliens safely are provided at alien containment facilities.

Each alien requires a certain amount of capacity from alien containment and you will be given feedback on the capacity when aliens are brought to a base that has one or more alien containment facilities.

You can at any time opt for aliens or bodies to be destroyed to free up space.


Size (in base)1x1
Days to build4
Construction Cost$7000
Weekly Cost$400
Score points?

Alien capacity

Both alive and dead alien require the same capacity (except the Multiworm, which requires more space when alive due to containing Hyperworms). In-game uses percentage values.

Alien Cost Cost in %
Brainsucker 1 5
Multiworm 5 / 1 25 / 5
Multiworm Egg 2 10
Hyperworm 1 5
Chrysalis 2 10
Anthropod 1 5
Psimorph 12 60
Spitter 1 5
Megaspawn 12 60
Popper 1 5
Skeletoid 1 5
Micronoid Aggregate 1 5
Queenspawn 20 100
Overspawn ? ?

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