Alien Containment (Apocalypse)

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Live Alien specimens require an enclosed, controlled environment. The Alien Containment system can generate different types of atmosphere at various pressures. The unit is also secure enough to prevent the escape of Aliens into the base. This facility can accommodate up to twenty human sized life forms.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Alien Containment

Alien Containment

  • Layout Size: 1 x 1
  • Build Time: 4 days
  • Cost: $7,000
  • Maintenance: $400
  • Alien Lifeform Capacity: 20
Alien Containment, Base View, Level 3

Alien lifeforms, alive or dead, are stored within the facility.

Transport of any alien lifeforms from a mission is only possible when the X-Com craft is equipped with a Bio-Transport Module.

Any lifeforms, alive or dead, may be chosen to be placed within the containment facility when space is limited, others will be destroyed.

Oddity: Entrance into the central box area is possible with flying agents. They gain access by 'moving through walls' located at the top of those walls.

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