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Alien Craft: Unidentified Flying Objects

The alien craft in X-Com Apocalypse are airbourne biological constructs grown in a hostile otherworld. Ugly Fungus Organisms.

The alien menace has ten vehicles in which to invade Mega-Primus, each equipped with a strange pink beam weapon.
The UFOs should be all shot down or destroyed to slow and hopefully halt the invasion of the city. Crashed UFOs must be recovered to learn more about these strange flying ships, the aliens they contain, and the exotic technology within.

When the knowledge of reverse-engineering is understood and hybrid craft of X-Com's own design are eventually built and ready, eliminating the alien horde is within sight.

UFO Armor1 Constitution2 Top Speed Acceleration Weapons Equipment3 Primary Role Score
UFO Type 1 Probe2/2/2/2/2/280/15148Light Disruptor Beam-Escort50
UFO Type 2 Scout Ship5/2/5/5/5/5120/35122Light Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption ShieldInfiltration100
UFO Type 3 Transporter6/4/6/6/6/8400/15082Light Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption ShieldInfiltration150
UFO Type 4 Fast-Attack Ship10/5/10/10/10/12500/150205Medium Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption ShieldEscort200
UFO Type 5 Destroyer14/16/14/14/14/12600/200123Disruptor Bomb LauncherSmall Disruption Shield
UFO Type 6 Assault Ship8/12/8/8/8/4850/20082Medium Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption Shield
Cloaking Field • Teleporter
UFO Type 7 Bomber15/15/15/15/15/8700/100143Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher
Light Disruptor Beam
Large Disruption Shield
Cloaking Field • Teleporter
UFO Type 8 Escort Ship20/20/20/20/20/20500/80164Stasis Bomb LauncherLarge Disruption Shield
Cloaking Field • Teleporter
UFO Type 9 Battleship17/17/17/17/17/171800/300121Heavy Disruptor Beam
Disruptor Bomb Launcher
Large Disruption Shield
UFO Type 10 Mothership15/10/15/15/15/152800/35081Heavy Disruptor Beam
Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher
Stasis Bomb Launcher
Large Disruption Shield
Overspawn Terror700
Overspawn Overspawn17/17/17/17/17/171800/041Claws-City Destruction400

1 Armor values are read as: Top (above), Front, Left, Right, Rear and Bottom (below). The "Armor" value reported in the in-game UFOpedia is the sum of these values.
2 Total HP / Remaining (or less) HP to go down. Destroy shield first, if present.
3 Appearance of equipment depends on X-COM's score.
Also listed is the Overspawn. A huge unmanned ground vehicle that is deployed to cause terror and destruction within Mega-Primus.

Important: One particular UFO must be shot down and successfully recovered for the game to proceed to completion. If this one craft is always destroyed or allowed to escape, it is possible it will never appear again in Mega-Primus. To possibly have this craft appear again, a tedious method of alien dimension combat is used to eliminate other UFOs, but not the one needed. (or an editor can be used to force this craft to appear if restarting the game is not an option)

Alien Craft Components

Any successful UFO crash recovery mission will enable X-Com to research their craft technologies:

Recovery of these three components is automatic at successful recovery and is only necessary once. Research will enable development of a basic X-Com hybrid craft.
Recovery of other UFO components (guns, shields, etc.) will always be possible since destroying the device does not matter. Each UFO will provide one beam and (at best) two missile launcher technologies at each recovery. Appearance and use of other exotic devices depends on X-Com's UFOs Shot Down score. eg: a shield will not be recovered if they were not used first by the aliens irrelevant if they appear on the battlescape. One device each per recovery is granted (see below) and does not depend on its physical appearance on the UFO battlescape.

Craft Battlescapes

Devices appearing on a crash recovery battlescape do not match up with what the UFO uses in cityscape combat.
eg: A Destroyer does not have any shield modules anywhere on the battlescape map but will use them when flying about the cityscape.


  • ## amount of this particular device on the battlescape.
  • ♥ Present on the craft when cityscape fighting, and one will be recovered (irrelevant of damage) if crash recovery is successful, dependant on score.
  • ∇ Present on battlescape only and not used in cityscape fighting.
Craft Small Shield Large Shield Cloak Teleporter Dimension Shifter ♠
Transporter 6♥ - - - -
Fast Attack 4♥ - - - -
Destroyer - - 4♥ -
Assault - 8♥ 2♥ -
Bomber - 4♥ 6♥ -
Escort - 4♥ 6♥ -
Battleship - 12♥ - 4♥ 8∇
Mothership - 8♥ 16∇ 6∇

♠ This device has been cut from the final version and is not recoverable or researchable.

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