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The Alien Farm is the third building of ten in the series of alien structures.

Our Scientists believe that this building influences the atmospheric conditions within the Alien world.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

The destruction of the Food Chambers leads us to the Alien Farm. This contains a number of strange white blocks. Our Scientists believe that these curious objects influence the atmospheric conditions of the Alien Dimension, although it has been impossible to prove this. Whatever the purpose of these blocks, their destruction can only hinder the Alien cause. Research indicates that the blocks are located in multiple locations, although only this site has been photographed. Destroy all of the blocks to disable the building.  From: Mission Briefing


The building contains three seperate clusters of strange white blocks atop of the brown structural scaffold common with re-inforcement pads. The white blocks are weakly explosive.


The alien battlescape is five levels high.
The battlescape architecture is typical. There is one unique 'castle enclosure' structural feature housing one of the objectives connected with a unique horizontal grav-lift. Psimorphs are near for this critical feature. Removal of the brown scaffolding at level one will not cause any of the three objectives to collapse since all will be supported via physical connection to a grav-lift.
Oddity: There are four useless bone-doors within and hidden somewhere inside the generic landscape features.

Orange Pads

Re-Inforcement Timer is 12 seconds.
Three devices are present with four pads each containing numerous explosive plants. The brown scaffold can limit visual detection of aliens.


  • 6x Anthropod
  • 12x Skeletoid
  • 6x Popper
  • 2x Psimorph

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