Alien Origins (TFTD)

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Alien Origins

The Aliens strike all across the globe, with ruthless efficiency. We cannot pin down their source. Could it be in some ocean deep too impenetrable for us to locate? Not all the organisms we have encountered are Alien, some are very old, some are from evolutionary paths long thought extinct. We are dealing with a menace that has been sleeping for millennia, a subtle symbiosis of human and Alien. Deep in the oceans there lie ancient sites used by the Aliens to contact their stellar cousins. Each of these twelve sites contains a Synomium device, a powerful Alien technology. Now with their war machine on the march the Aliens are re-activating these sites to widen their Molecular Control net, we must destroy these sites at all costs.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia
Alien Origins research topic.


  • This research item becomes available after researching any live alien. Researching it will unlock The Ultimate Threat.
  • Unlike its EU counterpart, it does not give you any hint about what alien you need to capture for further research.