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The alien craft encountered in Apocalypse are organic ships that are grown rather than constructed like the more angular and metallic UFO: Enemy Unknown (the UFOs) or of Terror from the Deep (the Alien Subs). As the buildings in the Alien Dimension are studied, it is revealed that the enemy ships in Apocalypse are essentially giant mushrooms that are grown and are outfitted with a variety of alien technologies that allow them to fly and travel through the Dimension Gates to cause havoc in Mega Primus.

There are 10 alien ships that you will encounter during the course of the game. These have been listed below. While better equipped than X-COM initially, each ship that is shot down and recovered will provide all the necessary information and spare equipment for X-COM to produce and outfit advanced aircraft to counter them as well as a variety of useful squad and vehicle level defensive equipment.

Alien Ships

UFO Armor1 Constitution2 Top Speed Acceleration Weapon Power Weapon Range Primary Role(s) Score
UFO Type 1 Probe280/1514820150Escort/Subversion50
UFO Type 2 Scout Ship5/2/5/5/5/5120/3512220150Infiltration/Subversion/Escort100
UFO Type 3 Transporter6/4/6/6/6/8400/1508220150Infiltration150
UFO Type 4 Fast-Attack Ship10/5/10/10/10/12500/15020540300Escort/Attack/Subversion200
UFO Type 5 Destroyer14/16/14/14/14/12600/20012394450Infiltration/Subversion/Attack250
UFO Type 6 Assault Ship8/12/8/8/8/4850/2008240300Infiltration300
UFO Type 7 Bomber15/15/15/15/15/8700/10014398/20250/150Attack300
UFO Type 8 Escort Ship20500/80164--250Escort250
UFO Type 9 Battleship171800/30012180/94600/450Infiltration/Subversion/Attack/Escort500
UFO Type 10 Mothership15/10/15/15/15/152800/3508180/98/--600/250/250Infiltration/Subversion/Attack/Overspawn Attack700

1 Armor values are read as: Top (above), Front, Left, Right, Rear and Bottom (below). If a single value is displayed, then all facings have the same armor rating.

2 Total HP / Remaining (or less) HP to go down. Destroy shield(s) first.

Recovery of Alien Ships

A UFO can only be recovered if it has been sufficiently damaged to disable it and is not destroyed completely. Once disabled, the UFO will float down to the nearest clear space and crash land.

Only air vehicles can be sent in to recover a UFO, and only one vehicle can be sent in. The aircraft must be manned for the recovery to suceed.

If the UFO is unmanned, the recovery will be instantaneous. If it is a medium or large ship, it will have an armed crew for your troops to contend with. Because only one troop transport can be sent in to recover the UFO, be sure to prepare and arm your squad accordingly before starting the battle.

Once in battle with the UFO crew, the UFO will be recovered if the crew is defeated or has fled from the battle. If the recovery squad is defeated by the crew, then the recovery is a failure and the crash site disappears. The site will also disappear if the entire recovery team flees from the battle.

If the crash site is ignored, the site will also disappear after a short while.

Alien Ship Components

When you shoot down and recover a manned UFO you will be able to bring back the following components:

Research into all of those components is essential to develop the Dimension Probe, the first step to X-COM Advanced Craft.

Other Recoverable Components

Recovery of many manned UFOs will often yield one instance of the vehicle weapon that the UFO specializes in.

As time goes on, UFOs will start equipping a variety of defensive equipment such as shields, cloaking (missile jamming) devices and emergency teleportation devices. Depending on the UFO type, you will also begin to recover one of these items for each UFO that you recover.

X-COM Quantum Physicists can reverse engineer these technologies for use.

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