Alien Submarine Assault

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Alien Submarine Assault

Explore the touchdown site and, if possible, gain entry to
the Alien Sub. The mission will be successful when all
enemy units have been eliminated or neutralised. Recovery
of the Alien Sub, artefacts and Alien corpses can then be

These missions are very similar to Alien Sub Crash Recoveries; the main difference is that, as the ship landed rather than crashed, there is no chance of the Ion-Beam Accelerators exploding. This has a few practical results:

  • There will be no holes in the Alien Sub's hull. You will have to use the door to enter, or make holes yourself.
  • There will, on average, be more aliens to kill, as none will be killed pre-mission by IBA explosions.
  • All of the Alien Sub's New Submersible Technologies will be intact.

As in UFO: Enemy Unknown, it is generally recommended that X-Com commanders perform Alien Submarine Assaults when possible, in order to maximise recovery yields. It should be noted, however, that as Zrbite often survives Ion-Beam Accelerator explosions in Terror from the Deep, this is a much less pressing concern than in UFO:EU.

Note that if X-Com fails an Alien Submarine Assault, the Alien Sub will merely continue on its voyage, whereas a failed Alien Sub Crash Recovery will cause the crash site to disappear. This can be abused.

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