Angel (Bureau)

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A somewhat easy mission, as most Outsiders are running with Pulse Laser Rifles, and you should have the full set of Plasma weaponry at this point. You need to rescue some sleepwalkers in a small Outsider base.

Go through to the campground, where you'll fight a Tech Commander, a few small waves of grunts, and a few Drones in the second wave. When the last are killed, check the back-most Zudjari structure for a holding cell with a Sleepwalker in it, and open it.

Going forward to the base proper, you'll see a Health Converter schematic in plain sight (though if you're also doing the dispatch, other agents are also in the process of getting it...). Head inside, and load up on weapons: prepare for a Muton Elite and several higher-ranking Zudjari.

Of the aliens milling about out of cover, you should use the chance to take out either the Elite Sniper or the Tech Commander first, the rest are just grunts. Dr Heinrich will radio in to warn you that reinforcements are coming, starting with the Elite Muton that you'll see fly in. Take out this wave. Go up the stairs to the right and unlock another holding cell. Head on, and you'll have a high-ground fight against some Snipers and an Elite Outsider. Head on down to fight more Outsiders, some drones, and a Gunship. When done, use the console at the end to finish the mission.