Archon (LW2)

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The Archon is a flying cyborg soldier. An iteration on the floater from the invasion, they have been redesigned for aesthetics and durability.

Tactically, archons use their flight to gain elevation, flank, and fire on targets with their staff-rifle. Once sufficiently wounded, archons will lapse into a last-ditch frenzy and close to melee with their staff.

While archons cannot take cover, their maneuverable flight system give them enough defense to compensate.

Archon Abilities
Ability Description
UIPerk archon beatdown.png
Strike at a target in melee.
UIPerk archon beserk.png
Battle Frenzy
Gain an extra action, but lose the ability to attack from range.
UIPerk archon blazingpinions.png
Blazing Pinions
Gain extra height and launch explosive projectiles at enemy positions.
  • Battle Frenzy will automatically trigger when sufficiently wounded.
  • Blazing Pinions will take a turn to strike after activating and will land regardless of the archon surviving the following turn.
  • Archons are immune to the effects of "Red Fog" if the option is enabled.
Archon Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
All ranks 20%
Center Mass
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
Close Combat Specialist
Close Combat Specialist
All ranks 100%
Hard Target
Hard Target
All ranks 33%
All ranks 8%