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Armour Suits

All armours have been completely rebalanced in Long War 2:

Armour types

  • Medium Armour no longer provides an extra slot (all soliders have 3 gear slots by default now), instead it offers the best protection within a tier and all Medium armors provide one extra point of Armor over the vanilla counterparts.
  • Light Armour provides significantly less HP and dodge, but still provides the same mobility bonus, the grappling hook, and the Phase ability (Wraith Suit only).
  • Heavy Armour provides less health and armor than the medium armor of the same tier, but still provides the Heavy Weapon Slot and the Shieldwall ability (WAR suit only). A Technical equipping a Heavy Armor suit cannot equip a heavy weapon, but instead can equip an extra Rocket or two extra Flamethrower charges.
Icon Name Hit Points Armor Effects Prerequisites Supplies Alloys Elerium Crystals Elerium Cores
XCOM2 Inv Kevlar Armor.png Kevlar Armor 0 0 None - - - - -
XCOM2 Inv Predator Armor.png Predator Armor +3 1 None Combat Armor 30 5 0 0
XCOM2 Inv Spider Suit.png Spider Suit +1 0 +1 Mobility, +5 Dodge, Grappling Hook Mobile Armor 70 5 1 0
XCOM2 Inv Hammer Armor.png EXO Suit +2 0 Heavy Weapon Slot Battle Armor 60 6 1 0
XCOM2 Inv Warden Armor.png Warden Armor +8 2 None Powered Armor 80 10 10 0
XCOM2 Inv WraithSuit.png Wraith Suit +3 0 +2 Mobility, +15 Dodge, Phase, Grappling Hook Shadow Armor 120 9 15 1
XCOM2 Inv Marauder Armor.png WAR Suit +5 1 Shieldwall, Heavy Weapon Slot Battlesuits 100 10 10 1

Alien Hunters

In addition, if the Alien Hunters DLC is installed, the unique Ruler armors will also be available with appropriate stat adjustments. The acquisition rules are the same: only one copy of each can be made, and creating upgraded versions consumes the original.

Name HP Armor Prerequisites Supplies Alloys Elerium Crystals Elerium Cores Other Effects
Serpent Suit +4 0 Alien Viper Autopsy 50 5 5 1 +1 Mobility, +20 Dodge, Grappling Hook, Frostbite, 10% chance to panic Vipers
Serpent Armor +5 0 Powered Armor 75 10 10 0 +2 Mobility, +20 Dodge, Grappling Hook, Frostbite, 10% chance to panic Vipers
R.A.G.E. Suit +6 1 Berserker Queen Autopsy 50 5 5 1 +1 Mobility, Heavy Weapon Slot, Slam, 10% chance to panic Mutons and Berserkers
R.A.G.E. Armor +7 2 Powered Armor 75 15 5 0 Heavy Weapon Slot, Slam, 10% chance to panic Mutons and Berserkers
Icarus Armor +5 1 Archon King Autopsy 75 10 20 1 +1 Mobility, Vault, Icarus Jump x2, 10% chance to panic Archons

Armour Utility

Armor items are utility slot items that improve survivability. Soldiers can only equip one set of vest and one set of plating.


Vests are a utility item that usually grant HP, along with some other effects. Soldiers can only equip one set of vest.

Icon Name Hit Points Effects Prerequisites Supplies Alloys Elerium Crystals Special Items
XCOM2 Inv Tarantula Suit.png Chameleon Suit 0 Reduces the soldier's infiltration time Chameleon Suit Project 25 0 2 1x Faceless Corpse
XCOM2 Inv Nano Fiber Vest.png Nanoscale Vest 2 -25 chance to be critically hit Hybrid Materials 5 1 0 -
XCOM2 Inv Hazmat Vest.png Hazmat Vest 3 Immune to fire, acid and poison Hazmat Vest Project 15 1 0 -
XCOM2 Inv Armor Harness.png Tactical Vest 3 +1 Armor Tactical Vest Project 20 2 0 1x Muton Corpse
XCOM2 Inv Stasis Vest.png Stasis Vest1 5 Restores lost HP (+2HP/turn, max 8) Stasis Vest Project 20 2 2 1x ADVENT Shieldbearer Corpse
XCOM2 Inv Hellweave.png Hellweave Vest 6 Deals damage to melee attackers and may cause burning Hellweave Project 30 3 3 1x Berserker Corpse

1 "New Passive Icons" mod adds frost and stun immunity to the Stasis vest.


These items grant Ablative Hit Points. Ablative HP once lost can not be healed during a mission, but losing ablative HP does not incur wound recovery time after the battle. Armor does not apply to hits on ablative HP, but any hit that exceeds the amount of ablative HP will be reduced by armor (potentially down to zero) before any damage is applied to normal HP. A soldier can only equip one set of plating.

Icon Name Effect Prerequisites Supplies Alloys Special Items
XCOM2 Inv Flame Sealant.png Ceramic Plating 2 Ablative HP None - - -
XCOM2 Inv Nano Fiber Sark.png Alloy Plating 3 Ablative HP Alloy Plating Project - 1 1x ADVENT Trooper Corpse
XCOM2 Inv Scorch Circuits.png Chitin Plating 4 Ablative HP Chitin Plating Project - 2 1x Chryssalid Corpse
XCOM2 Inv Carapace Armor.png Carapace Plating 5 Ablative HP Carapace Plating Project - 3 1x Muton Elite Corpse