Assassination (UFO2000)

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Overview of Assassination Scenario


Player 1: Kill the enemy leader (the 2nd player's first soldier on his/her list)

Player 2: Keep your leader alive until the end of the game

Deployment Types

  • Surrounded


During a game of assassination the second player (defender) begins the game surrounded by his opponent. The first soldier the defender selects is his "leader." The game is over if the leader dies or if the attackers have no remaining troops. The leader is visible on the attacker's minimap. The player who is surrounded has the obvious disadvantage under normal conditions. It is suggested that the attacker take a significantely lower point value of troops, or that a strict turn limit be placed on the battle.


  • To limit 2nd player's leader to only carry single handed weapons.


There are several options to enhance the survival chances of the 2nd player:

  • The battlefield must contain plenty of cover. Otherwise the 1st player will only have to fire at long range to the square where the leader is positioned.
  • Large maps (60x60 in the case of 15k, for instance)
  • Set a number of limit turns for the game.