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DRAFT - This is actually a copy of the Authors File

The following people have contributed to UFO2000 development

Original idea and programming:

  Alexander Ivanov aka Sanami
     * The only author and developer of UFO2000 up to version 0.3.11


  Anton Dobrinin aka Gargantua
     * New fire and smoke code, incendiary ammo and proximity grenades
  Steven Melenchuk aka Grunt
     * Reaction fire
     * Strength and energy statistics
     * Different armor types support
     * Support for many new weapons including small launcher (stunning)
     * End of game screen and statistics
  Alexander Sabourenkov aka lxnt
     * Bugfixes and code cleanup
     * Unicode support for X-COM fonts
     * Sound loading code
  Serge Semashko
     * Bugfixes and code cleanup
     * Data files integrity checking
     * Save/load feature
     * Support for additional terrain types
     * Truecolor graphics support
     * New chat console and minimap screen
     * Replay of enemy turns in hotseat game
  Twilight Owl
     * Support for different scenarios
     * Numerous improvements in user interface (map size and type selection,
       ability to switch between map levels and soldiers in WATCH mode, ...)
     * Lots of bugfixes
     * Morale system
  Александр Чернобровый aka Dream
     * Some performance improvements and fixes to UFO2000 code
  Hans-Joachim Gurt aka HaJo
     * Several improvements to user interface (Help-System and Tooltips,
       more details shown in inventory, reserve-time-buttons,
       different pointers for standing/kneeling/items on ground ...)
     * More detailed endgame-statistics
  Ivan Sergeevich Kazmenko aka Gassa
     * Support for random damages
     * Numerous bugfixes and other improvements
     * Overall testing of the game
     * Different types of reaction fire depending on time reserve mode
     * Visibility code performance optimization
     * A few bugfixes and minor improvements

Artwork and other game related data files:

     * Muton and sectoid inventory screen pictures
     * Several new unit skins (taken from his XCWW2 mod)
  J-F Pruneau
     * New maps ('Warehouse' and 'XBase+' tilesets, 
       2 additional maps for 'Modified City' tileset)
  Twilight Owl
     * New maps ('Airfield' tileset, 4 additional maps 
       for 'Modified City' tileset)
     * New maps ('Industrial' tileset)
  Alexey Vasiliev
     * New background pictures for main menu and win/lose screens 
     * A new nice UFO2000 logo for website
     * Pictures for different hairstyle in the battlescape, legs
       for sitting sectoids and mutons
     * Laser minigun item images
     * New explosion animation
     * New 'soldier' unit skin
     * New 'lunarsuit' unit skin
     * New 'Moon Base' tileset graphics
     * New icon panel images
     * SMG item images
     * New fire animation
     * New cursors, selection boxes and selector arrows
  "ppzaba" <>

Music and sound effects:

  dickie (
     * New default music for the game
  ATeX from project Xenocide (
     * X-COM style battlescape music soundtrack

Manual writing and translations:

     * Finnish translation of game manual
  Dolny and Sir-Torpeda
     * Polish translation of game manual
  Roman Vil'chenko aka Tavy
     * Very good and detailed game manual in Russian
  Jeremy Walker aka Kuroshi X
     * Update and spellchecking for the English version of game manual
  José Ignacio Rodríguez Fernández
     * Spanish translation of game manual
  Benjamin Power and JFarceur
     * French translation of game manual
  Hans-Joachim Gurt aka HaJo
     * German translation of game manual
     * German translation of in-game messages
  Nail and DiversanT
     * Russian translation of in-game messages
     * Spanish translation of in-game messages
  Serge Semashko
     * Belarusian translation of in-game messages
     * German translation of in-game messages

Testing the game, bugreports and valuable suggestions:

  Anton (Zerocool),
  Dima Ivanov, 2:6083/1.42
  Jeremy Walker aka Kuroshi X
  J-F Pruneau
  Olivier Ripoll
  Roman Vil'chenko
  Twilight Owl
  Kolotov Alexandr
  Павел Саныч aka MapcuaHuH [VMA]
  Александр Чернобровый aka Dream


  Alexander Sabourenkov aka lxnt
     * Excellent reliable and fast hosting for UFO2000, subversion 
       repository and mailing list administration
  Daniel "SupSuper" Albano
     * Win32 installer for the game
     * Old UFO2000 forum
  Josh Day <>
     * UFO data files format information
  Micah and stewart
     * New UFO2000 forum at
     * UFO2000 Pager (win32-program that notifies when other players
       log on to ufo2000 game server)

Many thanks to the authors of the following libraries that are used in UFO2000 now or have been used in the past

  Allegro    (
  AGUP       (
  CommonC++  (
  DUMB       (
  Expat      (
  HawkNL     (
  JPGAlleg   (
  Lua        (
  LuaPlus    (
  Ogg Vorbis (
  Scale2x    (
  fdlibm     (