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General Information

Apoc autotrans icon.png

Official Entry: "A computer controlled, fully automated goods vehicle. The road going Autotrans is a more economical version of the Airtrans, but the AI is still so advanced that they can anticipate demand for their services with uncanny accuracy and rarely need to be ordered in advance."

Cityscape Information

A vehicle not used by X-COM. Any items you buy or transfer will be transported by Airtranses instead.

In X-COM Service

The roadgoing alternative to the Airtrans is of no use to X-COM under normal circumstances. Like all Ground Vehicles, it requires use of an editor or utility which either makes the roads tougher to destroy, or prevents their destruction altogether. Then the Autotrans finally has its chance to shine.

At first glance, this vehicle trails behind the Airtrans in utility value: it can carry half as many agents and far less cargo. It's slower and stuck to the road system. It lacks weapons and armour, so can be easily destroyed. However, it is vastly cheaper than the Airtrans and lugs far more cargo than anything near its price point. Most players will probably want to stick with aircraft since they are faster and can land at crashed UFOs, and later in the game when X-COM has made more enemies and is producing its own flyers, the Autotrans becomes obsolete, but in the early game it has its uses.


Statistics Value
EngineMetro Roadgrav
Engine Size2x2
Top Speed4
Equipment4 Cargo Module
Equipment Size4x4
Manufacturer*General Metro
Score points5

  • This vehicle cannot be normally purchased by X-COM.

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