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A state of mind which is a harsh reality for soldiers in dangerous conflicts. Derived from the Germanic word "Bear-Clad", it is a rage named after Viking warriors dressed in bear furs, intoxicated by mushrooms and spirits, engaging in frenzied combat. Today, Berserk is sometimes synonymous with blind rage or uncontrolled frenzy, as a soldier mindlessly fires off his weapon, regardless of proximity of friend or foe.

Testing when aliens are at 0 Morale shows that totally demoralized aliens berserk (as opposed to panic) ~36% of the time:

Descriptions Min Ave ± SDs Max Notes
Count of aliens berserking,
out of 16
1 5.72 ± 1.78 10 Across 118 tests of 16 aliens.
118 x 16 = 1,888 tests.
Percent of aliens berserking,
out of 16
6.25% 35.75 ± 11.11% 62.5% Same numbers as previous line,
times 100/16 (= x 6.25)

Each test is the number of aliens that berserked (instead of panicked) out of 16 aliens at 0 Morale. There were 118 tests of 16 demoralized aliens (raw N 675/1888). My (MTR) guess is that the true value for this number (X-COM's target value) is 35%. However, Seb76 has reviewed the XCOM code and feels sure it's 33.3% for all three types of Panic. Either way, it's about a third. :)

Still, there can be a lot of variability. One third might be the average, but over half can berserk, too.

Percent berserking may or may not differ if Morale is significantly higher than 0, but it would would take a lot more work to test vs. various Morale levels. It is probably simply a third of however many troops miss their Morale check.

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