Blaster Launcher (Bureau)

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Similar in build to the M79 grenade launcher (think: Terminator 2, the gun Arnold uses to blow open the T-1000 at the end), this rear-loading Plasma artillery weapon launches 3 explosive rounds that follow a wavy path towards their target. It has a very low accuracy, so naturally it is best suited for unaware or large targets. The blaster launcher description says that rockets will auto acquire targets, but in practice you are best off aiming.

It can be first acquired in the Spire mission, in the bunker at the end of the battle area that goes through several suburban backyards.

  • Clip/Carry: 3/6
  • Gunner Pack: 4/8
    • Note that after firing the first 3-shot salvo, there will be one round in the chamber, so only one shot will come out when fired, unless you reload.
      • A salvo can be interrupted by switching your weapon as it fires. This can help conserve its limited ammo.

The blaster launcher's greatest asset is its burst fire. You can pop out, fire, and reload in cover while taking minimal damage in return. A full ammo load will take out any single Muton, Sectopod or gunship, and with both the gunner pack and the perk that boosts lift damage, you will find yourself with many shots to spare. While the weapon's wavy pattern and low ammo makes it nearly useless for taking out regular threats (use lift to maximize hit chance), the blaster launcher cuts through minibosses and bosses with such ease that it is one of the best secondary weapons for Carter to field.