Blueblood (Chimera)

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Agent Blueblood
Agent Blueblood
Blueblood spent his formative years in City 31, during the occupation, with his father, a third-generation police officer. When his father transitioned from police work to private investigation, Blueblood apprenticed with his father’s detective agency, helping the underserved. He joined 31PD in its inception.

Blueblood’s strengths are his strategic mind and his precision targeting, particularly with his special sidearm, the Lancer Pistol, which can blast through line-of-sight penalties and enemy cover bonuses.

"Do it the smart way. The hard way gets you killed." -Blueblood

Blueblood is a human and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

The son of a third generation police officer turned private investigator, he apprenticed with his father's detective agency and helped to smuggle accused dissidents out of City 31 during the war. After X-COM's victory, he served with 31PD before transferring to Chimera Squad.

Blueblood is able to put out very high damage with his pistol and Lancer Pistol, able to fire with both actions each round. Later abilities further improve his ability to attack multiple targets at once. His health is low, so he will need to be protected from counterattacks.

Rank Ability
Cadet Deadeye

Fires a shot that has a -15 Aim penalty, but deals 50% extra damage.

Neither Deadeye nor the standard shot will end Blueblood's turn if he has actions remaining.
Deputy Agent Lancer Shot
In Breach Mode, fire a special shot that ignores cover. Once per mission.
Field Agent Warm Welcome
The first shot in a clip disorients a target.
Ever Vigilant
Automatically activates overwatch if the last action is used for movement, Subdue, or stabilizing a downed ally.
Special Agent Phase Lance
Fires a shot in a straight line, which ignores cover and can hit multiple targets. 3 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Fond Farewell
The last shot in a clip deals double damage.
Cascade Lance
Phase Lance's damage increases with each enemy it hits.
Principal Agent Faceoff

Fire at every enemy in your line of sight, limited only by your ammo. Once per mission.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+15 crit chance.

Training (Principal Agent) Free Reload

Reloading is now a free action.

Tactical Advice

  • The Lancer Pistol has the same damage as the pistol with normal ammo. If you upgrade the pistol to Enhanced or Mastercraft, the Lancer Pistol scales accordingly. But if you equip Blueblood with ammo that give buffs (e.g., higher damage, or burning status), the Lancer Pistol will not pick up that buff.
  • If you spec Blueblood with the Cascade Lance skill, you can shoot through a squadmate to amplify the Phase Lance's damage down the line. This will, of course, result in damage to your squadmate.
  • Consider equipping Blueblood's pistol with Impact Frame and picking Ever Vigilant ability. This will turn him into a surprisingly strong melee hit'n'run brawler. Since Ever Viglant ability triggers after the LAST AP was spent on moving or Subdue, Blueblood can: make the shot as the first action, hit nearby enemy with the enpowered Subdue (which in this case deals 4-5 damage) and in the end go to the Overwatch — all in the single turn.
  • Free Reload Training ability makes Auto-Reload weapon mod redundant to Blueblood, making a room for other useful mods beside from "mandatory" Expanded Magazine (Impact Frame or Laser Sight).
  • Endless Brevity epic pistol is better choice for Blueblood than Artful Fathom since Fan Fire is affected by Desperado ability as well, so, theoritecally, fully upgraded Blueblood can make up to 10 shots (three from Fan Fire and seven from Faceoff after the free reload) in the single turn.