Bonaventura (Piratez)

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This page may be outdated. It is up-to-date for version 0.97. The latest version is v.J14.

(This page is a rough draft and is very out of date. basically to get the diagrams up. Feel free to edit at will.)

The Bonaventura is your first craft, and a fine one it is!


Load out: Vessel Bonny floordiagram Piratez.png It has been pointed out that this diagram is inaccurate. The Ingame shots below are correct.

1 Dog/ cargo hold 2 Dog/ cargo hold 3 Cargo 2nd rank 4 Cargo 2nd rank 5 Rear Ramp - Heaviest Armor on these gals 6 Rear Ramp - Heaviest Armor on these gals 7 Ramp Corners 8 Ramp Corners 9 Ramp 2nd rank 10 Ramp 2nd rank 11 Sniper 1st floor 12 Sniper 1st floo 13 Cargo Corners 14 Cargo Corners 15 Cargo Sides 16 Cargo Sides 17 Sniper 2nd floor 18 Sniper 2nd floor

Vessel Bonny diagram Piratez.png