Breaching (Chimera)

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Breaching is the one of the new mechanics introduced in XCOM: Chimera Squad. Unlike the old times when your soldiers are dropped at one specific point and then they proceed to the mission, Breaching allows you to dictate the beginning of the whole Encounter.

Breach Phase

During Breach Phase you can choose where your operatives can enter from and their order in the Timeline (another new mechanic). To start the Breach you must assign all your operatives to Breach Points and then press the "BREACH" button. Choose breach points and operatives' positioning carefully — every breach point has random bonuses and penalties and only a limited number of agents can be assigned to a given breach point. For example, if it has "First Impression" bonus, which allows the first entered operative to make the shot that cannot miss, you should consider to make someone shotgun wielding to go through this breach point first. Also there some special breach points that has no penalties and better bonuses, but you need some specialized gear or certain operatives to get through these points. More precisely:

  • Walls can be destroyed either by Breaching Charges or by Claymore;
  • Security doors can be opened either by Auto-Keys or by Terminal and Patchwork;
  • Vents can be accessed by Torque agent and any other agents equipped with Infiltrator Weave.

When placing your agents you should also consider using some specialized Breaching equipment. Most of them can be used only by the second agent at the breach point (with the exception of the MediPatch)

Breaching shooting

When you press "BREACH!" button your agents will proceed to go through their breach points. Once incide, you can order them what to do right now. Enemies during Breaching can be in three states:

  • Surprised — enemy will have Defense penalty and won't do any actions after the Breaching;
  • Alerted — enemy, if survived, will perform defensive actions like moving, Hunkering Down and use defensive and non-lethal combat abilities;
  • Aggressive — enemy, if survived, will shoot at random Agent (with some exceptions).

During this period you can order your Agents either to take a shot at the enemy, run for cover (increases Defense and Dodge till the end of the Breaching) or use special Breaching abilities). Once Breaching ended, your Agents will run for nearest cover not far from their breaching points and proceed to combat.