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These are bugs that are part of the game and can't be fixed or has not been addressed.

  • You cannot gain multiple intel caches ; EX. you will not receive 50 intel for doing two large intel caches but instead the base 25
  • Sorting soldier list in the armoury disables interacting with soldier haven advisors preventing the changing of their loadout.
  • Walls of full cover may not actually provide cover bonuses except for the edges in which soldiers peek out. EX. the center spots of fences or vans
  • Ever vigilant will not trigger if you perform any other action besides movement regardless of whether actions were spent or not. This can be fixed by using the reliable ever vigilant mod, note that other free actions such as those added by mods will need to be added to the config to function.
  • Ever vigilant defaults to using the pistol, this may be fixed by using the reliable ever vigilant mod
  • Suppression can affect units with shadowstep, they will not receive damage but having abilities or equipment that can inflict a status may apply such as venom rounds.
  • A unit that has been mind controlled while panicked may act immediately
  • In extract supply crates mission, there are absolutely impossible to recover crates that spawn outside the player's reach.
  • Trojan activates a turn later if the hack initiated from concealment (possibly linked to the taking control option)
  • Serial refunds actions from standard shots and not abilities. Can fix with the ability interaction fixes mod
  • Pillar may or may not grant cover to a unit when placed at their location. A unit typically needs to move into the cover for it to apply.
  • Enemies can sometimes spawn inside jail cells along with VIPs
  • Psi training time does not properly scale with difficulty
  • Detection tiles may sometimes disappear or just not appear despite having line of sight against enemies that can spot you.
  • Mind controlled chrysallids that kill enemies and spawns a cocoon may not produce more chrysallids (appears to be very inconsistent)
  • Mind controlling a stunned mec may grant immediate actions
  • Detection range on large enemies may be misleading and is slightly larger than given.
  • Armor pierce is not always correctly visualized when damage is shown. Unless all armor has been pierced it still shows armor as if it was applied.
  • There is a bug in which the Chosen Avenger Defense can be unwinnable due to an objective bugging out due to destroyed terrain nearby the tanks making in unable to complete locking out the mission. There is no known solution and the only currently known work around is to have shadow and teleport to the objectives and complete them before it locks out.