Cloaking Field (Apocalypse)

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The Cloaking Field is an Alien defense system that disrupts the detectors of missiles or weapon control systems. Effectively this means that the craft is almost invisible to radar, infra-red and visual sighting. It is very effective but the field must be disabled temporarily if the craft is using any of its own weapons systems.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Cloaking Field

Craft Item

  • Size: 3 × 4
  • Weight: 80
  • Cloaking: 100%
  • Missile Jamming: 20%
  • Manufacturer: X-Com (exotic copy)
  • Sell Price: 16450
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 17

This device is used to limit the chance of impact from hostile weaponry by confusing the automatic aiming of any weapons and to increase the chance of an active missile's failure in tracking any cloaked craft.
The cloaking effect will temporarily be disabled if any weaponry impacts the craft or if any weapons are fired. This may briefly allow missiles in-flight to re-acquire their target. One device per craft is sufficient.