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Commander Tommy is a comic strip, made by many people. The main character is Commander Tommy, which is in charge of an X-Com base.

Commander Tommy

Commander Tommy is a blonde man with weird hairdo. He always wears Personal Armor. Tommy's misfortune makes him the most likely person to get shot or caught in an explosion. Surprisingly, Tommy always survives even the most severe damage. Also, he was appearently squeezed flat under a Battleship once, and is now completely flat (although this doesn't hemper him from doing his day-to-day stupidities). Tommy is also pretty incompetent and likes playing with explosives and unresearched objects. He is also known to have a short temper. His name may come from 'Tommy', a slang name for a British soldier.

Commander Tommy was raised in a god-knows-where small town in the US called Panadooloo in Nevada, until he was 25. His hometown were attacked (and annihilated) by the alien commanders, who then took Commander Tommy prisoner. They took him back home to Mars, where they had fun shooting blaster bombs at him. However, as this is obviously a one-time opportunity, they invented a mixture that would make Commander Tommy immortal. This also froze him in his 25 years, so he won't age.

After a time, Commander Tommy was released by a Sectoid during the Great Sectoid Uprising. He managed to (no-one knows how) steer a small alien scout UFO down to earth, where he was found by X-com soldiers. Due to a bug in the soldier rankings, he was instantly declared Commander. Tommy has long forgotten his surname.


Karen - a female soldier. She seems to be much more intelligent than Tommy (like about everyone else in the base).

Thompson - he always wears a Power Suit.

Skippy - a young soldier. He ususally brings trouble to Tommy.

B. Baxter - he looks just like Tommy, but he has a name written on his armor. He also seems to be as incompetent as Tommy. He has a pet Reaper which he calls Doggy. He once ate all the Elerium, which turned his hair green. Tommy also ate elerium before, but the only effect that occured was temporary green coloring of his skin.

Johnson - a short-lived character. He was killed by a Chryssalid.

Gurluas - he loves making fun with Tommy. Some people are suspicious of him as he seems to act very weirdly and non-human. Some say he is an alien spy but all tests reveals he is 100% human. He also always wears the calcinite suit he took from a dead Calcinite. Sometimes he also refuses to remove the helmet, especially under Terror Missions...he also owns an Anthropod named Gongo, and also owns a Triscene pet named Yggod

Tommy's brother - looks just like Tommy, but doesn't wear armor. He dislikes Tommy. Both can be often seen fighting each other.

Danny McGibson - a soldier dressed in Power Suit. He was seen during a mission in the jungle.

Other characters

Connie - Tommy's mom, she's never shown.

Doggy - a male Reaper owned by B. Baxter. He once ate baxters hand. He has good relations with the Triscene of Gurluas.

Yggod - a female Triscene owned by Gurluas. Her best friend (and maybe boyfriend) is Doggy. She is nearly always fighthing with Gongo.

Squash - a Tentaculat Commander that has turned to the human side, and is hunted by Dnorf.

Dnorf - a squid-like creature that is hunting Squash in order to take him back for treason at T'leth.

Gongo - an Anthropod owned by Gurluas, it once ate Tommy. He hates Yggod.

Schilla - a female Ethereal. Tommy had a crush on her. She reveals that Ethereals wear cloaks in order to hide their ugliness. She and John has plans of visiting Tommy again.

John - Schilla's boyfriend, a Muton. He isn't neutered like all the other Mutons. He and Schilla did recently got the idea of visiting Tommy.

Black Men in Black - a mysterious government organization, devoted to negating the alien's presence. Their catchprase is "We are the Black Men in Black!!!" and "Listen! You didn't see any aliens last month! Nor UFOs!" Their job seems to be dangerous, as if they hear their negation, they will instantly disbelieve aliens - and in turn themselves. This usually leads to suicide.

Colonel Trout

Colonel Trout comics don't seem to feature Tommy, but they're still considered Tommy comics.

Colonel Trout -

Annie -

Big Boom Parker - very unintelligent and dim-witted man which loves explosives. He once had a dog, but it exploded.

Special Comics.

The Big Page of Tommy - a big sized comic Gurluas is working on, featuring: Yggod, the return of Schilla and John, the alien base invasion, the love of Yggod and Doggy, and a lot of other goodies.