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All the hard-working agents, scientists, engineers, androids and hybrids who have helped.

OpenApoc Team


Lead Team, Developers and Programming:

  • PmProg - Marq Watkin - Framework core, UI framework core, Game UI, FB poster, Youtube channel admin
  • redv - Many Fixes
  • SupSuper - Daniel Albano - Base management, Tooltips, Fixes, Game UI, Founder OpenXcom, Community & PR
  • JonnyH - Jonathan Hamilton - Fixes, Game UI, AI, Cityscape core, Battlescape, Framework core, Tileengine core, data extraction, image/audio format loaders, UI framework, qt launcher (OpenApoc_Launcher.exe), Windows Git & Appveyor Builds
  • Istrebitel - Fixes, Game UI, AI, Cityscape, Battlescape core, Framework core, data extraction, Debug system and whole HotKey set (also soldiers equip. HK), Skirmish module,Over 40 Improvements and options interface, Active Videomaker, FB poster
  • Skin36 - Initial Russian translation, Data extraction, documenting original behaviour, reverse engineering, Researcher
  • FilmBoy84 - Jacob Deuchar - Fixes, Original Game and Original Game Pre-Release Materials archivist and researcher, Modmaker
  • Makus - Community & PR, Website (forum) Hosting, Designer,Tranlator Ru, VK group founder (poster), FB page editor, Youtube channel editor
  • Shellstorm - Ivan Shibanov - Fixes, AI, Economics, Diplomatic Rift
  • FranciscoDA / Flacko - Many Fixes, Win installer, & Game UI
  • empty`void / Empty Void - Many Fixes
  • Jarskih - Jari Hanski - Many Fixes
  • Kurtsley
  • Atrosha - Panasenko Vasiliy Sergeevich - Many Fixes, UI of agent characteristics (Rest In Peace; 1980-2021)

Other GitHub Contributers:


Modding Structure and Testing:

Reversing and Research:


Project Coordination, Writing, Video Making and Social Media:

Community Administration and Moderation:

Art and Design Staff:

Resources and Management

  • GitHub: JonnyH, Istrebitel, FilmBoy84, Quickmind
  • Forum: JonnyH (domain), Makus (hosting and scripts)
  • Facebook: JonnyH (admin), FilmBoy84 (editor), Makus (editor)
  • Youtube: JonnyH (admin), FilmBoy84 (editor), Makus (editor)
  • Reddit: Istrebitel (starter), Makus (editor), FilmBoy84 (editor)
  • Vkontakte: Makus (starter, editor), Skin36, Istrebitel
  • Twitter: Makus

Additional Community Members

It's near impossible to adequately credit everyone that has laid a hand on an open-source project, so here are the main sources. Rest assured if you helped us, we are thankful for it.

Third-Party Code