Cyberdisc/HMG (Piratez)

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This page may be outdated. It is up-to-date for version 0.98E. The latest version is v.J14.

Time Units 62
Stamina 100
Health 120
Bravery 110
Reactions 64
Firing Accuracy 60
Melee Accuracy 0
Throwing Accuracy 0
Strength 90
VooDoo Skill 0
VooDoo Strength 125

Armor: Front 34
Armor: Sides 34
Armor: Rear 34
Armor: Under 34
Melee Dodge none
Night Vision 20
Energy Recovery 31
Stun Recovery Normal


2X2 Unit? Yes
Height Standing 15
Size Large
Bleed Immune? Yes

Resistances & Vulnerabilities
Charm Piercing Burn Concussive Laser Plasma Daze Cutting Chem Choking Anti-E511 Bio Electric EMP Warp Mind Heat Cold
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I'm afraid that our custom-rebuilt Cyberdisc inherited the original design flaw - or maybe it was a feature? When destroyed, it explodes. BIG TIME. So take caution. Ammo supply for its onboard HMG must be manufactured separately.
Main Gun: x4 Long-Range Autoshot, 60% Acc, 30% TUs

Source: Piratez Bootypedia





  • Heavy Machine Gun
    • (Piercing: 55, 4 rd Burst, 120 Rds)
    • 60% Accuracy, 30% TUs, Auto Range 25


Work Hours

800 hours.


  • $15,000

Required Items

  • Heavy Machine Gun X 1
  • Wrecked Cyberdisc X 2
  • Slave AI X 1



Associated Research

If we can capture a functioning cyberdisc, we may be able to take it apart and see what makes it tick. It might be possible to weaponize it for our own purposes.

Raw Ruleset Data


Consumes 12 Stores Space.
These Combat Vehicles can be sold for $300,000 to interested parties.