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This file contains the information about how much money the various nations are giving you in funding, both current and for the graph, among other things. It is 576 bytes long, split into 16 records of 36 bytes long, one for each country. The record start points, by country are:

Offset dec (hex) Country (EU)Country (TFTD)
0 (0x0000)USAUSA
36 (0x0024)RussiaAlaska
72 (0x0048)UKEuro-Syndicate
108 (0x006C)FranceArabian Bloc
144 (0x0090)GermanyEgyptian Cartel
180 (0x00B4)ItalyAfrica Corp
216 (0x00D8)SpainBrazilian Union
252 (0x00FC)ChinaNew Mexico
288 (0x0120)JapanAsian Coalition
324 (0x0144)IndiaScandinavia
360 (0x0168)BrazilNeo-Japan
396 (0x018C)AustraliaFree China
432 (0x01B0)NigeriaAustralasia
468 (0x01D4)South AfricaFed. Korea
504 (0x01F8)EgyptEurasia
540 (0x021C)CanadaIcelandic Union

Within each record, there are several pieces of information, they are all signed 2 byte numeric fields:

dec (hex)
0 (0x00)Pointer to country name in string table (starts at 602 (0x025A), increase 1 each record)
2 (0x02)Satisfaction Rating, 3 is happy, 2 is average, 1 is unhappy, 0 will sign pact/stop funding
4 to 26 (0x04 to 0x1A)Funding values (in $k) starts with Jan, runs to Dec
28 (0x1C)Funding change (in $k)
30 (0x1E)Non zero (1 when game sets it) means that the country will sign pact at end of month
32 (0x20)Starting Funding base value, ranges 110 to 600 (in $k)
34 (0x22)Funding cap (ranges 2k to 10k, equates to 2-10M)

Note that Satisfaction rating does not seem to drop to 2 any month a country doesnt increase funding, so not sure of the extra relationship here, but 0 always results in them stopping funding at the end of the month (I think you still get paid the one last time, as you are always seeing next months budget effectively). Possibly happy countries can randomly decide to not increase funding anyway. Setting this value to 2 or 1 before month end doesnt seem to affect the funding change either, setting it 0 will though, at least when you have a good score.

Bytes 32 to 33 are what is used to base the starting Funding on, it initially randomly gets a value from 100-200% of the value listed for each country. For game balance reasons it then scales the entire result so that it comes to approximately 6 million, with an error of +-15 because of the way it scales the result, this can sometimes push a country slightly higher or lower than the original range would have allowed it to. Changing these values has no in game effect anyway, as they are used before the first save is created.

The funding change is the difference from last month to the current month. It is not the amount that the funding will be increased in the upcoming month change.

Country Starting Funding base Funding Cap (k)
South Africa3103000

According to these values, the maximum theoretical funding you can get is 95M per month, if you can max out all 16 countries budgets.

Note that you can manually insert a monthly funding number into the current month for any country, and it will award you that amount at the end of the month. If funding for that country increases (changes?) it will apply the funding cap to next months budget, and then it will remain at the cap from then on (unless you do badly and it drops), so to permanently increase funding beyond these limits the cap has to be modified. If funding is static for that month, it just copies the value across without applying the funding cap.

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