Data Canister: Abduction

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Data Canister 443, X-Com Archives.

Audio recording transcript. Hypnotic memory recovery from possible abduction victim 995, Janessa Greene, March 5th, 1998.

They're here. Again. I can't move.
No. I can move. I just don't want to.
The lights in front of my eyes... Blinding.
Where's Scotty? He's my dog. My terrier. He always gnaws on my shoes.
A yelping. I can't see anymore. My eyes are wet.
I got Scotty to wake me up if this ever happened again.
I'm weightless, I'm moving. Floating on a bed of air that tingles.
I can't fall.
Burnt meat. I smell burnt meat.
I see one, there. To my left, beside me. It's one of them.
Such big eyes. It has a device. Long. A boxy end with a hole in it. There's steam rising.
It doesn't look at me.
I want to move. I want to get up and look for Scotty.
My legs aren't listening.
I'm going outside. They opened the door.
Why isn't Scotty barking?
So much light! It's blocking out the sky. An octagon. A beam of light is pouring down from underneath.
They're taking me into the light. I'm being lifted. I can't run. I want to run away, hit them, anything. I can't.
I'm floating. I'm inside.
They're turning me, turning me to the left. They're picking me up, carrying me. No. I'm walking. I can feel my feet touching the ground. I can't move them the way I want.
There's a machine.
It has sharp arms. There's a glass tube. There's a little baby in it. No. No!
It's a monster! One of them! The arms, they're reaching for me!

-- Recording ends. --

Notes of hypnotherapist

Janessa is clearly traumatised over some kind of vulnerability issue. The imagery in her 'memories' are particularly strong, being stripped away from what she knows, into the unknown.

It's possible that the surgical machinery, as well as the baby within, could suggest a fear of pregnancy, or a fear of her own maternal instincts, possibly harmed by her own mother.

Resolving this may take some time.

Notes of investigator.

Data has been correlated with a faint radar trace, picked up earlier that night. ASPCA centres in the area reported finding no terriers within a two week span of area. Subject has no immediate recollection of the dog 'Scotty', but neighbours confirm that subject had such an animal with her on walks previously.

Preliminary investigations show little physical evidence of visitations on site, however a partial body of an animal, rendered un-identifiable by extreme burns, was found by local children some weeks afterwards.

I recommend closing the case, pending further information.

Notes of followup investigator.

Reports received that subject was pregnant. Ultrasound images 'recovered' show a humanoid, but non-human, foetus.

Subject has been missing since the third of July, 1998.

Examination Room