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Data Canister 1778, X-Com Archives. Excerpt from anonymous essay, Circa 2082.

We have been told everything. X-Com fought the alien threat and won, over and over again. The loss of the Patton was explained away, the ships' traces in the frontier explained away.

We know that the reports from soldiers in the first and second wars of unidentified combatants were a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related delusion. We know that reports of missing funds and blank spots in flight records as well as the continuing rumours of missing 'soldier robot' research units are just bureaucratic hiccups in X-Com's red tape, an organisation now well known for coordinating research efforts across more than eighteen countries to produce laser weaponry from near scratch in less than eight months, as well as the production of no less than three entirely new aircraft designs from scratch in under two years.

We know that the 'underwater war' was no different, with the alien city of T'leth destroying itself through a 'chain reaction' through power conduits which miraculously destroyed every power system across the entire craft causing its total destruction. This from an alien race known for the production of massive submersibles capable of running with more than thirty-five percent of the entire hull structure destroyed.

We know that every fact of the Frontier war has been explained away, including the rumoured existance of the 'Nova Bomb' superweapon, accompanied with rumours of aliens doomsday devices. To this day there has been no explanation of why multiple stars underwent incredible flare activity within the Frontier, fortitiously always in alien controlled sectors, destroying facilities en masse.

We have been told repeatedly that there were no unknown soldiers, no unrecorded covert operations, no threats we have never been informed about. We have been told this by X-Com, best known for managing to maintain utmost secrecy in its operations throughout the most significant wars in human history.

We know we are safe, that there is no new alien threat. We know we have the answers. It all makes sense, doesn't it?

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