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I guess you could consider this page a stub. We don't exactly have pages covering the different versions of the game yet. I mean, sure, there's the Versions page... but that's barely readable, let alone complete. Really I just want somewhere to info-dump, details and structure can come later; feel free to clean this up if you're in the mood. :P

Two demos; the "official" one (probably released some time in '04), and the "pre-release" demo (which probably appeared on a PC Gamer cover disc first).

Pre-Release Demo

Demonstration of the beta firing animation.
Debug mode in action.

This version of the game starts off with an expository slide-show, then allows the user to play through a Terror Mission featuring Snakemen and Chryssalids.

It is notable in that it contains many differences to the final release of the game:

  • Weapon damage is far lower; it typically takes at least a few shots to down a target.
  • Various graphical differences:
    • Smoke and fire does not animate.
    • Bullet-strike animations are completely different.
    • Some items appear differently depending on whether you view them in the inventory or battlescape displays.
    • Various items use entirely different art (eg Elerium, the Psi-Amp and plasma weapon clips).
  • The Electro-flare is not included; a (non-usable) "Stun Gas Grenade" object takes its place.
  • Various buttons are missing from the inventory screen display. It is also not possible to tell how much ammo is in a weapon without checking the inventory screen.
  • Psi-programming appears to be incomplete.
  • Primed explosives detonate on their set turn regardless of whether they're stored in a soldier's inventory or not.
  • Sound samples are each stored in individual SAM files, instead of combined CAT files.
  • Various other file structure differences and additional unused graphics (eg, language strings are stored in the executable, and only English ones at that).
  • The GeoScape's "FUNDING" button shown in the slide-show is labelled "HIGHLIGHT".
  • A debug mode, that allows you to view alien movements and thought patterns, can be enabled by flipping byte 0x5D66E in ufo2exe\ufo.exe to 1. (Thanks Volutar!) A similar function can be enabled in the final CE release of the game using UFO Extender.

Beta motion scanner panel
Beta medkit panel

Official Demo

Uses nearly the same slide-show as the pre-release version (minus the PC Gamer blurb), with the same Snakemen/terror set up (though on a different map, with different items/soldiers etc). The slide show contains screen shots from the normal Intro animation, UFOPaedia entries, and Geoscape game play. Probably based on the v1.0 version of the game.

  • The game is referred to in two ways:
    • X: Enemy Unknown
    • X-COM, Terran Defense Force
  • Weapon damage seems to be normal.
  • Various graphical differences/similarities:
    • Smoke and fire does now animate.
    • Bullet-path animations don't exist.
  • The Electro-flare is now included; "Stun Gas Grenade" is not present.
  • It is now possible to tell how much ammo is in a weapon without checking the inventory screen.
  • Psi-programming indeterminate as there are no Psi-Amps.
  • Primed explosives detonate normally.
  • Encumbrance does operate, but not normally.
  • Saving / Loading the game is not possible
  • Tactical only, no Geoscape
  • Abort is possible, ending the tactical mission and the demo
  • Victory is possible, ending the demo
  • Mission failure/defeat is possible.