Difficulty (Bureau)

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This Page will explain the differences between the 4 different difficulty levels.


  • Soldiers Bleed out slower than on Squaddie
  • You can buy Soldiers at the resupply points, in-between missions and if a soldier bleeds out, you can recruit a new one, thus making the game losable only if Carter dies.


  • You can recruit soldiers at the resupply points and in-between missions.


  • Soldiers can be recruited at base only


  • Soldiers can be recruited at base only
  • Wounded Soldiers are stabilised until combat ends, at which point they get up
    • If Carter (you) is incapacitated, then revived, he does get back up and can continue fighting.
  • In order to beat a Campaign on this difficulty, you need to learn both how to effectively use explosives (Grenades or those in the Field) and must use a Squad with abilities that you are comfortable with. Use Dispatch Missions to level up squad members without any threat of them dying.