Dimension Gate Generator

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Our final mission awaits our forces. This building sustains the three Dimension Gates which create
a direct connection with our dimension. Soon after the building is destroyed the Dimension Gates
will fade away and the link with the Alien world will be broken forever. The Aliens will be
vanquished and victory will be ours.

X-COM Attack on The Dimension Gates

The destruction of the Dimension Gates is our ultimate goal. From evidence collected at previous
Alien buildings, we have managed to composite this picture of our objectives. The Alien Generators
must be destroyed, simultaneously disabling the protective laser web. Destroy all of the
generators to disable the building. Upon disabling the building it is imperative that all Agents
evacuate as a matter of urgency. Our forces must return to the Earth dimension before the final
Dimension Gate closes forever.
Victory is in our sights - Good Luck!


The final mission is fought in and around a big black pit that is surrounded by a series of laser grid shield generators, with the generators forming protective web that shields the pit.

Enemies that you will face will consist of a large contingent of Skeletoids in the middle of the pit with an assortment of other common aliens around the pit. Green re-enforcement spawn pads situated on all four corners of the map provide the aliens with re-enfocements during the battle. Unlike normal orange pads, these are indestructible. This means that you cannot simply destroy them and take your time clearing all the aliens from the map.

To clear this map, the laser web must be taken down. As each strand in the web is supported by two generators, you only need to take down one of each generator pair to disable each strand. Due to the large number of enemies and constant reinforcements you are best served charging around vortex mining the generators on the side you come in on and exiting as fast as possible. Dropping a vortex mine at the mid-point between two generators will destroy two at a time. Once the building is disabled, you will get the message to evacuate.

Despite the aliens' overwhelming numbers, this mission is very easy in TB, since with a little luck with your agents' initial locations you can reach and disable all of the generators on your first turn with the aliens powerless to stop you.

Victory Message

The Aliens have been defeated. With all Dimension Gates closed and their homeworld destroyed the
Aliens cannot get through to our Dimension.
We are victorious.

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