Dimension UFO Combat (Apocalypse)

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In order for X-COM to complete their missions on the Alien Dimension it will be necessary to deal with the fleets of Alien Ships that guard it. Here are some observations/tactics, in no particular order.

  • The Alien Dimension is full of UFOs. During your first incursions it will be common to be swarmed by alien ships.
    • If a Dimension Probe is built it is unlikely that it will survive the arrival at the Alien Dimension because it will be immediately attacked by any UFOs in range. It can be an expensive waste to send it (or even build it on the first place).
  • The UFOs will patrol the dimension with flight paths that will turn into random directions, unless any X-COM craft comes into range where they will switch to an attack mode.
  • During the first missions there's a crater on the southeast corner of the map that can be used to hide and protect craft by setting the height to the lowest and flying there.
  • The path from the Dimension Gates to the target building should be planned. If there are too many alien ships on the way it might be wise to take a longer path. The edges of the map can be used to travel around and to ambush and overwhelm UFOs.
  • If the Mothership and/or the Battleship aren't present (assuming they haven't been shot down yet) it means that they have been sent to Mega-Primus on missions, giving early warning to X-COM forces on the city.
  • The buildings on the Alien Dimension can be used by X-COM craft to land there and recharge their shields without being harassed by UFOs. However, they will take value time to land and take off from the building (it can only recover/launch one craft at a time, and only one building at a time is available for landing).
  • X-COM transports should be escorted by armed craft. It is very risky to only send a single craft.
  • When starting a tactical mission never move the soldiers from the craft from the alien building or you might lose all your soldiers if the building is destroyed and your craft take off (they can't return to the destroyed building once they leave it). Likewise, always make sure your Bio-Trans is all the way down in the launch tube before beginning a mission, and wait for the building to finish collapsing before taking off - otherwise, it is likely to be destroyed by debris, killing all your soldiers.
  • When fighting the bigger UFOs if X-COM craft are kept at a distance and moved parallel to the UFO they will still fire at the UFO but it won't fire back.
  • Once you take the down the Battleship, the Mothership and the Control Chamber the alien ships will cease to be a significant threat to your missions.

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