Disruptor Gun

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The Disruptor Gun, image from the UFOpaedia

This is the Aliens tier-three or -four weapon, moderately powerful with a fast fire rate, lightweight and possessing infinite ammo. Due to its low accuracy you should consider this weapon more of a machine gun than a precision weapon, and is a considerable damage upgrade over the M4000 and Auto-cannon. Its main weakness is its poor accuracy, though as a one-handed weapon it can be dual wielded with no loss of accuracy. The other "weakness" of the Disruptor Gun is that (depending on score and difficulty) it becomes available only shortly before the Toxigun, which performs considerably better provided you have the manufacturing to support it. It also has competition from the Megapol Plasma Gun, which has slightly lower damage but considerably better accuracy, but is limited by Megapol supplies. In the hands of the aliens this weapon is the first real conventional threat to your soldiers' Megapol armor, though Megapol armor will still take 3-4 hits from this gun before death. Anthropods with this weapon are little threat at long range unless you're unlucky, but if flanking or at close range can inflict heavy damage with it before going down. The good power and poor accuracy of the Disruptor Gun means that indiscriminate fire with it can cause property damage.

When disruptor weapons are destroyed by explosion or fire they usually discharge a couple of shots in random directions.

Official Entry: "The Disruptor Gun is a remarkable piece of technology. It propels a beam of sub-atomic particles at immense speeds and quantity. The chamber which generates the energy is an inter-dimensional device which materializes energy from an alternative dimension. The power source, once initiated, is self-perpetuating and no ammunition or energy pods are required to sustain the fire power. Our replicators can reproduce this technology fairly accurately."


Disruptor Gun

  • Size: 2 × 3
  • Weight: 5
  • ROF: 1.125 r/s
  • Accuracy: 30%
  • Power: 42
  • Damage Type: Disruptor
  • Ammo: 28 (recharging)
  • Range: 50m
  • Base Price: $2100
  • Battlescape Score: 8

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