Dog (Piratez)

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This page may be outdated. It is up-to-date for version 0.99A.1. The latest version is v.J14.

Time Units 100
Stamina 80
Health 25
Bravery 90
Reactions 70
Firing Accuracy 0
Melee Accuracy 60
Throwing Accuracy 0
Strength 35
VooDoo Skill 0
VooDoo Strength 30

Armor: Front 5
Armor: Sides 5
Armor: Rear 5
Armor: Under 5
Evasion 40/20
Aggression 3
Intelligence 4
Night Vision 12
Energy Recovery 40
Stun Recovery Health * 0.1

Ratman - Dog

2X2 Unit? No
Height Standing 12
Size Medium
Bleed Immune? No
Ransom $7500
Score 2

Resistances & Vulnerabilities
Charm Piercing Burn Concussive Laser Plasma Daze Cutting Chem Choking Anti-E511 Bio Electric EMP Warp Mind Heat Cold
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Dog Information

"A small beast of Earth origin, used in hunting, warfare and agriculture since ancient times. Despite all kinds of alien and mutated creatures available for the task, the Dogs are still tamed and bred by humans and mutants alike, for their fierce loyalty and ease of training. (Animal Lover Award: 200 points granted)"

Source: Piratez Bootypedia


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