Drone (Bureau)

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A high-flying nuisance at first, these robotic enemies have the annoying habit of healing injured aliens (and often go for the one with the highest HP capacity, like Mutons). Later on, Advanced Drones appear with additional health, and a tractor beam that may drag your agents out into the open.

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The Drone is a small flying mechanical device, which can attack with an energy blast, as well as provide basic field repairs. These devices provide basic support for the enemy, particularly when deployed alongside heavier gear such as turrets.

It is uncertain whether the machine is remote-controlled or actually autonomous, but it is not a form of life as we know it. If it is remote-controlled, we may yet be able to capture and control drones of our own. Also promising is the mechanism by which it hovers in the air- a basic form of gravitic manipulation that matches what we have seen in other Outsider craft, but on a smaller and more easily examined scale.