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Elirium (d-Elirium 115) is a rare metastable psychotropic isotope that occurs naturally in rare carbonaceous meteorites, but can also be manufactured using advanced and esoteric processes. Protracted exposure to d-Elirium has shown to lead to various side effects including:

  • Hallucinations of flying objects and mysterious "aliens"
  • Paranoid beliefs that the world is under threat from a sinister extra-terrestrial conspiracy
  • Delusions that the individual is an "agent", "soldier" or (in severe cases) "commander" of a covert multi-national paramilitary group, known as "X-COM" - accompanied by lurid, violent fantasies.
  • In profound cases of d-Elirium exposure, the patient will insist that "only they" and their "organisation" stand in the way of the total enslavement of humanity by the "aliens". They become increasingly agitated, demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars of "funding" and claiming that "traitor" governments are conspiring with the aliens to bring about the downfall of humanity. Shortly after this point the patient will start jibbering uncontrollably and will have to be sedated.
  • Patients being treated will often claim that the psychiatric ward offering care is in fact an "Alien Containment facility" and that the psychiatric staff are secretly "Sectoid hybrids" with strange "Psionic" powers. The patient may attempt to escape, often with extreme violence.
  • At this point, for the patient's own safety, and that of the public, permanent isolation and confinement of the patient is regrettably essential.

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