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The Workshop produces weapons and equipment for agents in the game, as well as equipment for ships. At the beginning of the game, you can only build a small Workshop that houses up to 5 Engineers. The Advanced Workshop becomes available once the 3 Alien Craft components have been researched, possible earlierst around week 3, this one can house up to 10 Engineers and allows the production of "Large"-requirement projects. Do not let Engineers idle without work, if no project is currently needed for yourself, let them manufacture anything to sell for profit on the market (i.e. Bio-Transport-Module, Disruptor Gun, Devastator Cannon, Boomeroids, etc.). The Engineers skill level ranges from a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 100 status points, the skill level cannot be improved over time.


X-COM Engineers require the best facilities for the construction of new technology. The latest atomic replicators are installed which can accurately recreate most substances and micro-structures in the known universe. The facility can be used to create small pieces of equipment such as personal weaponry and armor. The workshop can accommodate five Engineers and each Workshop can be assigned to produce a specific item.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Advanced Workshop

Larger pieces of technology require more space and power to construct. The Advanced Workshop is designed for large construction projects such as new vehicles. The facility can accommodate up to ten Engineers.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

Engineers have a hard cap of 50 hireable units. Once the player has hired that many no new Engineers will appear for hire unless the number of hired Engineers falls below 50 again.

Example for the most ideal Manufacturing base:


Features 4 Advanced Workshops, 2 small Workshops, for a total of 50 Engineers. 6 Living Quarters to also house a few Soldiers (preferably Androids) for Base Defence, 2 regular or Advanced Security Stations (still semi-useful in Turn Based as decoy), 1 Storage (plenty) and 1 Medical Bay. Nigh impenetrable when raided, while outputting the fastest possible manufacturing.

This setup also allows for easy use of the alien craft Missile based weapons, as it will allow the player to quickly enough produce ammunition to have several Missiles spare even on heavy use.

Items Player can Produce

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