Escape (UFO2000)

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Overview of Escape Scenario


Player 1: Move its leader until the other end of the map. Keep your leader alive until the end of the game.

Player 2: Kill the enemy leader (the 2nd player's first soldier on his/her list).

Deployment Types

  • Standard


Escape is essentially the same scenario as Assassination but easier for the player protecting its leader. The first soldier the 1st player selects is his "leader." The game is over if the leader reaches the other end of the map, dies or if 2nd player's chasing troops are killed. The leader is always visible on the attacker's minimap.


  • To limit 2nd player's leader to only carry single handed weapons.


There are several options to enhance the survival chances of the 2nd player:

  • Escape is more balanced than Assassination since the hunted player is the first to move (the opposite in the other scenario).
  • Large maps (60x60 in the case of 15k, for instance).