Explosions (UFO2000)

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Information from "Unit Editor" screen

One can reach the unit editor from the Mission planner by holding CTRL and clicking on soldier's name.

Blast range

For example, fragmentation grenade. It has "Blast range = 3". It means, that the blast radius is 3 tiles including the central tile. The blast diameter will be 5 = (3 + 3 - 1) tiles.

Information from the source code

File named "explo.cpp" contains code for explosion processing.

In short

  • items have health and are damaged only with explosions,
  • item health is viewable by pressing LEFT ALT in inventory screen,
  • item health does not affect its efficiency,
  • only prime-able items detonate upon destruction,
  • items' location on a soldier affects damage reduction (soldier's armour does not matter).

Carrying places

Back pack is the safest place to carry items (only 17% damage penetrate it). Items in hands suffer 30% of damage. Items on the ground of level one suffer 100% of damage. Items lying on the ground on any other level suffer zero % of damage due to bug.