Faceless (LW2)

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Name Faceless Rank 1
Force Level
Pod Max
Armor 0 Health 8/10/10/12
Mobility 12/14/14/14 Detection Radius 12
Aim 70/75/75/75 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 0/15/15/15 Defense 0/15/15/15
Dodge 0 Will 50/55/55/60

The role of the Faceless has been significantly expanded in XCOM 2; no longer just a menace on the tactical field, Faceless can infiltrate XCOM's rebel havens. Infiltrated Faceless operate at reduced efficiency when performing a task, siphoning supplies and increasing vulnerability to retaliations.

Identifying Faceless infiltrators requires a soldier to be an adviser in the suspected haven, eventually starting a rendezvous mission. This will pit the adviser and some of the remaining rebels in the infiltrated haven against one or more infiltrators and an ADVENT patrol during their meetup.

Faceless can also be found during certain VIP missions where a large portion of the civilian populace are concealed faceless, during retaliations on havens they've infiltrated, and during certain dark events as concealed civilians. Faceless will not appears as part of normal alien units outside of rendezvous missions.

Tactically, Faceless are surprising fast for their appearance, capable of regenerating health, and possess a melee attack that can hit a wide swath while tearing apart cover.

Faceless Abilities
UIPerk rapidregeneration.png
Rapid regeneration
This unit heals some health each turn.
  • The Greater Faceless dark event make faceless much more threatening in combat, giving them +4 HP, +2 Mobility, +5 Aim, +5 Def.