Firing and Maneuvering (UFO2000)

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Firing and maneuvering are techniques mean to ensure kills and to properly position your units. By combining the two together you are using tactics. Bringing 15 Auto Cannons and blasting a map can be a fun firing exercise but it won't work if the player doesn't maneuver them to make sure the cannons are going to hit targets.

Fire and Maneuvering basically consists of a set of movements made by your units each turn.

  1. Acquire enemy targets.
  2. Neutralize them.
  3. Move forward/back to support the advance/cover from enemy fire.

The factor to be retained is that this movement must be done by the squad as a whole, not all by every single unit. One basic example of that situation is this, considering a 4 unit squad:

  • Scout moves and spots enemy unit.
  • Rifleman and Heavy Weapons kill it.
  • Grenadier tosses a grenade to cover Scout with smoke, Scout keeps moving forward.
  • Rifleman uses remaining TUs to move forward and to reach a better firing position, taking advantage of the smoke.

Some other considerations are necessary:

  • Is the unit's firing position safe from any threats on the next turn? Can it reach cover?
  • Is it really necessary to fire with all units to kill a particular enemy unit with no effect, instead of moving to a better defensive/offensive position and/or engaging more important targets?
  • Which areas will have to be targeted on the next turns? Is it necessary to move soldiers to a position where they can fire at them more effectively?